Services for waterjet cutting with short terms and high quality

Three times faster

Three times faster

3 abrasive water jet cutting machines with 2 cutting heads each.

Round-the-clock operation

Round-the-clock operation

Short delivery times on orders for abrasive water jet cutting of sheet materials.



The cost of water jet cutting service depends on the material’s thickness and the complexity and quality of cuts.

Ordering the Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Service in 3 Steps

Step 1
Submitting a request
You can submit your request with drawings in DWG or DXF (Autocad) format, 1:1 scale
Step 2
Paying for your order
If you are satisfied with the results of the request evaluation, then an invoice is drawn up.
Step 3
Order execution
Upon payment of the invoice, the order will be executed within 2-5* working days.

*depending on the volume and complexity of the order

Water jet cutting technology allows us to work with almost any kind of sheet material. The most popular materials are metals, which are the most widespread type of materials used in machine building. The water jet cutting of metals and other sheet materials allows for the production of fashioned parts with high precision, which is very important for aircraft and machine building.

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Резка листов 3000x1500 мм.

Cutting area4.5 m2

We operate machines with table dimensions of3000x1500 mm.

Product delivery

Product delivery

We deliver* ready orders for abrasive water jet cutting.
*upon agreement

The maximum weight

The maximum weight

The allowable weight of sheet material is650 kg/m2

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Cut out any contour in the sheet material

By waterjet cutting machine can cut almost any sheet material

The most popular materials are metals, which are the most common type of materials used in engineering. Hydroabrasive cutting of metal and other sheet materials makes it possible to manufacture complex shape parts with high accuracy, which is very important in aircraft and machine building.

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