Outdoor decorative lamps

We offer you modern landscape lighting. Landscape lights are used for lighting park paths, paving decks, lawns, verandas, pergolas, retaining walls, decorative and designer lighting. Also suitable for other indoor and outdoor interiors where designer lighting is required.


Height, mm

Width, mm

Depth, mm

Light Source
Quantity, pcs.

Lamp type

Power, W

Luminous flux, lm



Color protective coating according to RAL catalog
General Specifications
IP degree of protection

Supply voltage, V

Operating temperature range, C

-30 +50
Weight, kg

Installation location


A special feature of our decorative lanterns is the individually carved pattern that gives unusual and interesting lighting. Our lanterns are made of aluminum and coated with ultraviolet resistant powder paint, which increases the service life of the lanterns and keeps their beautiful appearance for years to come.
Декоративный уличный светильник
The pattern on a decorative street light can be almost anything you can choose from our catalog or offer your own. It is also possible to cut out your company logo. When making an individual project we take into account all the wishes on your part and fulfill your goals as precisely as possible. As a result you get a lanterns, fully consistent with your preferences and absolutely unique in its kind.
The high degree of protection against dust and moisture IP 65 allows you to use garden poles outside without restrictions. The luminaire is installed on the ground (foundation) or other horizontal surface. No transformer is required. Supply voltage – 220 V. Operating temperature from +60 to -90. When ordering you need to choose the color of the body.
The cost of decorative street lamp varies depending on its height: 50 – 150 cm. and the complexity of the picture.
The minimum cost of the luminaire is 120 euros.
Decorative lanterns of our production are real works of art produced in limited quantities, which makes them truly exclusive decorative objects. The peculiarity of such lanterns is an individual design, made by the method of figurative cutting. For all that, our lanterns are always elegant, so they go well with classical interior solutions and different styles.
LED decorative street lamps, harmoniously combined with interiors in loft, chalet, high-tech, etc., will be a great choice for connoisseurs of exclusive design and comfort of operation.
The scope of decorative lanterns – urban alleys, parks, cottage communities, the territory of shopping or entertainment centers, urban and large private areas.