The Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting

  • Since the cutting process mainly depends only on the mechanical properties of materials such as hardness, ultimate tensile stress, and impact strength, any material may be easily cut by selecting the appropriate material. Consequently, if stipulated by the order, technically fast and flexible change of the cutting parameters is possible when cutting materials that possess completely different properties.
  • The absolute advantage in working with laser-critical (reflectivity, heat conductivity) materials, such as aluminium, titanium, brass, etc.
  • The absence of reaction products during the processing of non-metals or their significant deterioration (dust, aerosol).
  • There are no application restrictions in treatment of thin materials due to economic feasibility (e.g. for stainless steel, laser cutting is practical starting from 10-12 mm).
  • Improved performance due to the use multiple-head units and multiple-layer cutting.

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