Water Jet Cutting Service

Water jet cutting is a technology of the future.

Water jet cutting is one of today’s most flexible methods for cutting materials using a waterjet. Boasting a number of advantages, this technology allows for materials of almost any thickness and strength to be cut. Now, there is no longer the hassle of selecting a cutting type for each kind of material, nor is there the need to search through a bunch of tools to find the right one for the job. The flexibility of waterjet cutting technology in cutting metal and other materials lies in the fact that it is built on a fundamental physical principle: separation and removal of the tiniest parts of a material by using a high-speed flow of solid particles. In other words, the material being cut is simply “washed out”. The major advantage of metal waterjet cutting is its ideal cut quality combined with sparing temperature conditions. Such an approach is environmentally friendly (but requires high qualification of the user) and suitable for cutting any material. Therefore, it can be stated with absolute confidence that waterjet cutting is a technology of the future.

Our company offers waterjet cutting services for metal and other sheet materials in Moscow and Moscow region at affordable prices.

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