Water Jet Cutting Application Areas

Water jet cutting (water jet cutting) allows for working with practically any sheet material:
Water jet cutting

  • Metal cutting: water jet cutting has an important advantage, namely the lack of thermal impact on material near the cut area. No other innovative technology of the same level, like laser cutting, can demonstrate this ability.
  • Cutting of composite materials: hydraulic cutting causes no breaks in the material structure, which helps the material retain its properties.

Currently, water jet cutting is used in the following industrial areas:

  • The leather and footwear industry.
  • The electronic industry: manufacture of the bases for electronic boards.
  • The automotive industry.
  • The food industry.
  • The textile industry – cardboard, printing paper, corrugated cardboard.

Water jet cutting technology is used primarily in the following fields:

  • The aircraft building and aerospace industry – aluminium, titanium alloys, chromium-nickel based alloys as well as composite materials used for aircraft parts and motors.
  • Equipment manufacturing – gears and components made of high-quality steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and corrosion-resistant metals.

The cited examples only partially illustrate the range of usage of water jet cutting technology, which is the most flexible such technology among the existing material cutting methods.