About Us

Sigma-Tech LLC has been operating in the market of water jet cutting services for sheet materials since 2009.

Over several years of operation, our company has established itself as a reliable provider of water jet cutting services for sheet materials. Our customers are both small private companies and large machine-building and defense enterprises.

Our company specializes in providing water jet cutting services using our modern high-tech equipmentWater Jet Sweden (Sweden).

Our major advantages are:

  • Our highly qualified personnel;
  • Our ability to deliver orders of any scope within a short timeframe;
  • Delivery of a range of services on shaping (cutting) sheet materials from concepts to finished parts;
  • We posses a fleet comprising multiple water jet cutting units;
  • Both single and large production orders are accepted for execution.

We offer a wide range of water jet cutting services: water jet cutting of glass, water jet cutting of stone, water jet cutting of metals (aluminium cutting, brass cutting, copper cutting, titanium cutting, cutting of other metals), water jet cutting of mirrors, as well as water jet cutting of sheet-size materials for various industries.

Due to the technology’s simplicity, flexibility, and precision, water jet cutting (water cutting) allows for the quick and accurate cutting of such materials as: glass, all metal types (including aluminium, copper, titanium and brass) as well as stone, marble, porcelain, tiles, and plastics.

The highly qualified personnel of the Sigma-Tech company, as well as modern technologies and our high-tech water jet cutting equipment, allow us to offer our customers professional work in water jet cutting of metal, water jet cutting of stone and tiles, and water cutting of plastics and other materials within the shortest timeframes.

As the direct performer of our work, we offer affordable prices and short delivery times.